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Presentations And Workshops

Choose from one of several formats and topics that best suits your needs. Delivery method can be either on-line or in person as Covid restrictions allow.



1. Optimizing Wellness on the Farm; Tips and  Strategies for managing farm related stress (1 hour) 

  • This presentation looks at the many causes of farm stress and explores ways to increase your resiliency and coping.

2. Recognizing and Responding to Farmers at Risk (1 hour) 

  • This presentation will equip participants with the tools to recognize someone at risk for suicide and ways to offer support. Target audience includes producers, family/friends, agriculture industry personnel.

3. Making Friends with your Anxiety; Ways to manage the anxious mind (1hour)

  • Farming can bring about high levels of anxiety. At times this can leave farmers feeling overwhelmed and stuck. We will explore a variety of ways to bring relief for those with the anxious mind.

4. Working with Farmers in Distress; Exploring ways to Support your clients in the challenging world of farming  (1 hour) 

  • This workshop is created for those working in the agriculture industry along side producers. Given their complex needs, it can be challenging to know how to support and engage farmers, especially during stressful seasons. We will look at ways to work along side producers and support them in achieving their goals.



1. In the Know agricultural mental health literacy training, University of Guelph (4 hours)

  • This evidence-based program is designed for producers, family members, people in the agriculture industry and anyone who wants to support farm and rural people in leading healthy lives.

  • This 4-hour training will equip participants with knowledge around what it means to be mentally healthy. It will focus on the issues of stress, anxiety, depression, substance use and suicide, while assisting participants to have difficult conversations with people they are concerned about. Please contact me for more information if you would like to bring In the Know to your community or province.


2. Stress Management and Wellness on the Farm (offered only in person) (3.5 hours)

  • This half day workshop will inform participants about the impact of stress and ways to manage it. Participants will also learn what it means to be in crisis and learn tools to work through it. The issue of farmer suicide will be addressed, and participants will learn ways to respond and support someone of concern. Effective communication skills that can help improve your relationships with family, friends and industry contacts will be highlighted. This workshop is interactive and designed to engage participants in hands-on learning.


Please contact us for more information and workshop/presentation pricing.

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